Diabetes patient diet

August 4th, 2018
  1. Eat 3 meals a day only. No fasting, no less food, no more food. Just 3 meals a day.
  2. Instead of taking rice based food (idly, dosai, rice) for all 3 meals, you eat maize(solam in tamil language) in one meal and remaining 2 meals can be rice based food.
  3. Avoid wheat based food (roti, chapati etc). Wheat products increase the blood pressure, and the blood pressure increase the sugar level.

For more please check this,

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Diabetes patient

Don’t take it to heart when someone you love dies

August 4th, 2018

When someone close to you die, you think as “god has taken him/her”. Instead, if you feel too much or bring into your heart then your brain cells will get affected, some of 18 bulbs will get damage.

Don’t take it to heart when someone you love dies

Respect husband’s asset, forget parent’s asset.

August 4th, 2018

After marriage, the girl must appreciate what they have in their husband’s house (not to compare with their parents house assets).

Example: The girl might be rich and she might be having elephant in their parents house. But, after marriage she should not say like her parents are rich and they had elephant at home etc. Whatever she have in the husband’s house is what going to help her. Even if the husband’s house have no elephant and they have only cat then she should appreciate it and never compare with elephant or think about what she had in her parents house.

Partner test done by elders

August 4th, 2018

In olden days, the elder people at home test the girl/boy before they get married.

There test are given below,

  1. Female test: The elder person will ask the girl to light a oil lamp, they will say to girl to light the lamp by pressing the wicks (pressing the cotton wicks will dry out the oil over the edge of the wick, so that the fire catches easily) and then the test begins — if she rub the oil (oil that struck in her figures by pressing the wick) over her body (like hands or head) then she will take up the family to next level and lead a good life. If the girl after pressing the cotton wicks rub the oil over her dress/clothes then she won’t be fit for family.
  2. Male test: After engagement, there will be 7 days or more gap (maximum 3 months) given for marriage date. During those 7 days time period the boy must go and see the girl (partner) in her house. The boy should say some reasons to their parents and visit girl’s house to see her. If he does this, then he will lead a good life and he will take good care of girl. If he(boy) doesn’t go and see her, then the girl’s parents will assume that the boy don’t love the girl or he might be having some extramarital affair or he listens to his parents.
  3. Based on above test, parents/elders decides whether they agree for marriage or not.

Check every 1 hour

August 4th, 2018

The person who don’t waste even an hour is the most successful person on this planet.

Just look back your past 1 hour and see how you wasted it. If you work checking every 1 hour then you will achieve something great in life.

Japanese/Chinese people work 18 hours a day

August 4th, 2018

Indians are brilliant people, but the problem is we indians don’t work much.

If you look at Japanese or Chinese people they work 18 hours a day. In china and japan, people get respect by their long working hours.

Remember: They don’t even sit during the 18 hours work.

NOTE: The japanese/chinese people work for some company (1 or 2 years) and then they start their own business at home using the skills learned. That’s why most of the goods were written “Made in china”. They work more and they produce more.

The point is — Work 18 hours a day. When Japanese can work, why not we?

Japanese working 18 hours a day

Everybody is doing their duty except humans

August 4th, 2018

The sun comes everyday and its doing its duty. The trees provide fruits for birds and doing its duty. Everything on this planet is doing its duty except humans.

So, do your duty please.

Some of the man’s duty are given below,

  1. Take good care of your parents.
  2. Take god care of your wife.
  3. Earn money.

For women’s duty please click here.

Cancer precautionary — radish (mullangi) juice 3 month

August 4th, 2018

Drink radish vegetable juice (mullangi saaru in tamil language) once in every 3 month.


  1. You may be eating non-vegetarian foods like chicken, mutton, and they may get struck in the lower abdominal of your body.
  2. The seeds of a tomato may get struck inside your stomach wound.

The above issues may leads to stomach ulcer or cancer related diseases over the longer term.

so, if you drink the radish vegetable (mullangi saaru) juice once in every 3 months, then we can prevent the cancer and other diseases.

radish (mullangi)

New year day goal — Help blind people (IMPORTANT)

August 4th, 2018

On January 1st (new year day) you get some new dress for blind people. Helping blind people on new year day will give you a blessings for rest of your life. The blind people has not seen this world, they are like god.

Note: You find where these blind people reside and go to them. They won’t come to you.

Don’t give them money, instead buy something for them(clothes) and give to them.

You can also gift slipper/footwear on a new year day for people who don’t have slipper. Every time they wear slipper, they will remember you and bless you.

Blind people

Seeds depends on god, nobody else

August 4th, 2018

The seed doesn’t depend on any humans or other creatures. The seed depends only on god. As like the seeds/trees, you depend only on god, nobody else.

Seeds grow

Extra teeth (more than 32) = sages/saints

August 4th, 2018

A normal adult mouth has 32 teeth, but if you come across a person having extra teeth (more than 32) then they are like sages/saints. Whatever they say will come true. Getting blessings from such people always comes true.

NOTE: Its not just the teeth, if someone has extra figures they are too like sages/saints. Get blessings from them.

Example: I think this person “Jay Shetty” got extra teeth, watch his YouTube channel videos for motivation please. Link below,


Tirupati swamy in tough situation

August 4th, 2018

If you are in a situation where you can’t go tirupati temple, then what you can do is you can take a hand full of sand/soil and worship on it. Tirupati swamy will come inside the sand to give you blessings.

The point is — If you really wants to go tirupati temple, and situation didn’t allows you then you can follow the above said things. Tirupati swamy will come.

Tirupati swamy

Mr. Narendra Modi is good

August 4th, 2018

If Mr. Narendra modi (Prime Minister of India) continue his service for another 5 to 10 years then this country will become very good. so far modi ji has done many great things to develop the country. Few examples are given below,

  1. Aadhar number — Helps government to see whether you paid tax or not.
  2. Demonetization to fight black money.
  3. Houses for 3rd gender people (neither man nor woman).
  4. Houses for narikurava community

For more please check  https://www.narendramodi.in/ and

twitter https://twitter.com/narendramodi

So, Mr. Narendra modi has done a very good job, but the sad thing is people with less brain don’t understand these things and they are planning to kill him. However, there is 90% chances he escape from these brainless people because of the god’s grace.

NOTE: People will understand and appreciate Mr. Narendra modi’s work only after his death. What that means is — His work will be recognized later his death.

Ghost exists

August 4th, 2018

The existence of ghost is real. In olden days when kids get fever or some sudden health issues they go to ghost clearing services but now people going to doctor. Anyway ghost/spirits do exists.

Computer is like a sun.

August 4th, 2018
  1. The sun gives food to all worldly living beings, likewise the computer is the source of growth. They help you grow. So, be a part of it by creating your own website (or) by creating your youtube channels to share your knowledge (or) publish eBooks using eBay, kindle amazon stores etc. The point is — be a part of it somewhere.
  2. You can see the whole world inside a computer. So, make use of it and succeed in life.

IMPORTANT: There are many things going in the computer, be a part of it somewhere.

Computers and internet world

The purpose of this birth.

August 4th, 2018

The money you made will be lost sometime, the path you traveled in your life will be erased sometime, but the tree that you plant will be here for ages (many years). Example: If you plant a banyan tree, they will live for 300+ years or more, however you can plant any tree you want and they will be here for ages.

We born in this soil. so, by planting at-least one tree a year in this soil alone fulfills the purpose of this birth.

For more: Man responsibilities Vs Women responsibilities.

Lets see some examples,

After the birds eat the fruits from trees, they poop far away from the parent tree. Do you know why? because, the birds know that, humans will cut the parent tree anytime later. so, the birds travel far distance (a place where there is no humans) to drop the poop(shit). By doing this, a new tree grows from the poop (because the poop has a seed inside). Note: The birds plant new trees for their next generation birds to eat fruits. Likewise, you plant 1 tree per year (on your birthday) for the next generation humans to live.

Planting a Tree:

You don’t need to spend money to buy seeds for planting trees. Just collect the seeds of a fruits that you eat and plant them anywhere you go. No need to buy land to plant tree as well.

  1. If you plant a banyan tree, then people won’t cut it, because banyan tree is considered as god’s tree and to cut bigger banyan tree people ask god’s permission. Note: If you plant banyan tree (arasa maram in tamil) then your family generations will grow like a banyan tree.
  2. If you plant normal tree then birds will eat those fruit and bless you. However, those trees may be destroyed later by humans.
  3. IMPORTANT: The dog always looks for his owner because the person who feeds dog is like a mother. Similarly,when you plant a tree and water them daily, then you become like a mother. The tree will solve your problem if you say to it, because the tree always love her mother.
  4. The 3 big trees are Arasa maram, Aala maram, and Athi maram in tamil. (In english, its Ficus religiosa, Ficus benghalensis or banyan tree, and Ficus racemosa).
  5. The fruits of banyan tree (aala maram) gives longer life. The monkey eat those fruits and they know that eating “aala palam” fruits gives healthy body and longer life. Note: Monkeys never eats fallen “aala palam” fruits. They climb the banyan tree and eat the fresh fruits. The fruits that were fallen on ground doesn’t have any strength. So, we humans can climb the banyan tree to get the fresh fruit and eat “aala palam” fruits for longer life and healthy body. For more on this click this please.


  1. Don’t cut trees. Even if you built a new house you should not cut trees. You should leave the tree uncut by altering your house design.
  2. Plant one tree every year. If you plant 1 tree a year then at the age of 50’s or 60’s you would have planted 30+ trees.
  3. Make an ambition to plant one tree on your birthday every year.

Please check this as well– What you did for your mother?

Plant 1 tree a year

Who is the happiest person in the world?

August 4th, 2018

Everyone on this earth is suffering one way or other except these 2 people,

  1. The baby in womb (the 9 months period),
  2. Mental (mentally disordered person).

The baby in womb:

The baby in the womb (the 9 months is the happiest moment). No worldly worries.


The mental happily roams here and there. We may think he is mentally disordered or upset, but he is an artist. His brain works much far far better than normal humans brain. The only problem is they can’t reveal what they thinking.

The other thing is they (mental) are not aware of this world.

Note: Beggar can also be considered as happiest person sometimes.

Relatives, Friends, Mother and father

August 4th, 2018

Relatives and friends = They are like clothes(dress).

Example: The dress that we wear at the age of 10 won’t fit at the age of 15, because we grown up and we need new dress. Similarly, the relatives/friends are like clothes, they change as you grow older.

Mother and Father = They are like the soap and the water.

Mother is like the bathing soap, the soap that we use in the bathroom will slowly get dissolve, and disappears finally.

Father is like the water, the water that we use in the bathroom finally joins the drainage. It means — father will die too.

As longs as you see them you take good care of your parents.

Gemstones – gemology is true and it works

August 4th, 2018

Wearing gemstone ring based upon your horoscope will give you good benefits.

Please note: There are many different types of precious gemstones available and you should not wear any gem you like, it should be based upon your horoscope, and the process of wearing gemstone ring involves things like wearing in the temple, guru blessings etc.

For more on this, you ask your guru please.

Example of gem stone: Wearing emerald ring (green stone or maragatha pachai in tamil) in the right hand middle finger helps you to stay sharp in the mind, soft in communication, more money flow, business gains, family happiness, you will get marriage and successful in life.

Note: I wear emerald and it was gifted by god.

Emerald stone (maragatha pachai) ring

Cure for cold and headache

August 4th, 2018
  1. Drink 3 tender coconut water in the morning.
  2. Please drink all 3 tender coconut water at once.
  3. No meals for that whole day. You can drink water or other liquids but no meals(food) on that day.
  4. If you think tender coconut water is costly, you can buy palm jaggery (known as karuppatti in tamil language), heat the water with palm jaggery(karupatti) and drink that.

Remember: Fasting one day with liquids alone will cure cold and headaches. You will get lose motion after you drink 3 tender coconut water. so stay at home when you do this.

The other option:

  1. Get your own hair.
  2. Wash the hairs in water properly.
  3. Heat them to make like a powder or like paste.
  4. Add the paste(hair powder) in the honey.
  5. Eat or drink that honey.

You sleep well at night, and the cold will be cured completely(100%) by next morning.

Srirangam temple – sri ranganatha swamy

August 4th, 2018

The rules for visiting srirangam temple (sri ranganatha swamy temple in tiruchirapalli):

After you worship the srirangam temple, you must visit other temple nearby (for example: samayapuram mariamman temple or uchi pillayar temple or any other temple nearby srirangam temple).

If you just visit srirangam temple and return home without visiting other temple, then you will get failures in life.


This is because, sri ranganatha swamy lost in the battle.

After he(sri ranganatha swamy) lost in the battle he came to srirangam to lay down. so the point is — sri ranganatha swamy lost the battle and he is in a depressed state inside the temple. If you just worship his temple then you too will get failures in life.

IMPORTANT: When you visit other temple (after worshiping srirangam temple), the other god/goddess will give you the blessings or boon.

Sri Ranganatha Swamy / Srirangam temple

Tirupati swamy

August 4th, 2018
  1. Tirupati venkateswara swamy (tirumala.org) is the youngest brother of all 7 brothers or 7 avatar of perumal swamy.
  2. Tirupati swamy has taken loan and not paid it back, so he came to varaha swamy for help. Varaha swamy helped tirupati swamy by giving him place to hide. The place is called the tirumala (sacred 7 hills). Note: When someone hides in 7 hills (tirumala) then whoever had given money will not come there to find him/her. The 7 hills of tirumala is a hiding place, so the varaha swamy gave the 7 hills to tirupati swamy to hide, for a rent.
  3. Anyone who goes to worship tirupati swamy must first worship varaha swamy to get his blessings. Its varaha swamy who gives blessings, not the tirupati swamy. Tirupati swamy is there to get your money. He keeps his right hand in a posture of borrowing your money, not giving you money. Tirupati swamy gets your money to pay his rent (tirumala 7 hill residential rent) and to repay his debt. The truth is tirupati swamy is still in debt and not repaid his debt(loan money) yet. REMEMBER: We should not call tirupati swamy as “debt swamy” based on above said points.
  4. Basically, the tirupati swamy is dummy in tirumala. Its varaha swamy who bless everyone. Its varaha swamy who gives boon (varam in tamil or blessings).
  5. If you don’t worship varaha swamy, you won’t get blessings. so the rules are — First you worship the varaha swamy temple on the banks of pushkarini in the tirumala. Secondly, worship the tirupati swamy. Thirdly, worship the mother of tirupati swamy (i.e) Vakula Devi. The goddess vakula devi can be seen after the darshan of main deity (tirupati swamy). The goddess vakula devi is inside the main temple.
  6. If you have trouble visiting varaha swamy at first place, then you can worship tirupati swamy first, Vakula Devi  (mother of tirupati swamy) and then you come back to worship varaha swamy. so, the varaha swamy is a must to worship in tirupati temple.
  7. The important point to note is — you should visit tirupati temple TWICE. Visiting once will give you many pains. You might lose all your money if you just see tirupati swamy once. Here is what you can do — Example 1: You can see tirupati swamy on day 1, and then you can book a room to sleep on that night, next day morning you see the tirupati swamy again. Worshiping tirupati 2 times is a must. Example 2: This is for people who visit tirupati once in a year: If you see tirupati swamy in the month of august this year, then you must come back to see the tirupati swamy on the same month next year. Say you visit in the month of January 2018, then you must visit again in January 2019. Example 3: If you visit tirupati monthly, then these rules don’t apply since you see tirupati swamy every month. IMPORTANT: Its named tirupati swamy because you come back to see him again (Tirupati means “tirumbi par” in tamil language or look again).
  8. Tirupati swamy is a bachelor. He is not married.
  9. Thursday — Since tirupati swamy is bachelor, the poomalai (flower garland) that is placed over the neck of tirupathi swamy will not be tied or tangled on all days except Thursday. Only on Thursday the poomalai (flower garland) placed over the neck of tirupathi swamy will be tied/knotted. Why on Thursday? because on Thursday tirupathi swamy comes down from the 7 hills to see his family. On Thursday, tirupati swamy is not in the 7 hills, he is with his family. So the poomalai (flower garland) over the tirupati swamy statue is tied/knotted on Thursday.
  10. Note: All bachelor god (like hanuman swamy or keshari nath swamy, tirupati swamy) wear poomalai (flower garland) untied or unknotted. They place poomalai (flower garland) to fall in a straight line on both side of the shoulder.
  11. In tirupati temple, the flowers are not allow to give or take from temple. do you know why? because the rule says that, when we get flowers from god, we should not keep it in the head (women keep in head). Since the flower is received from god’s place you must give respect to it and keep the flower in your house puja room or prayer room. If you don’t have puja room then you can keep the flower on the rice bag or salt bag in your house. The other reason is that, the flowers should not be removed unless it gets dried out next day. If you keep in your head then you may throw the flower before it gets dried out. So, doing all these thing will give you a negative results.  For these reasons the flowers are not allowed to take or give in tirupati temple.
  12. Can any one worship tirupati swamy by standing in one place? NO WAY. The crowd will push you at the back and you can’t stand more than few seconds infront of tirupati swamy. so what this means is — we are all walking over the path where sages and devtas stood in one place to worship tirupati swamy. Example: In olden days, only saints/sages were allowed to go temple, and the common man were not allowed. so, these saints/sages stood in one place and did their worship or meditations, hence they got the blessings of tirupati swamy, whereas in today’s world we can only walk on top of the path of sages who stood their in one place some 10,000+ years ago to worship (or meditate) in front of tirupati swamy statue. By just walking over others path you really can’t get the blessings of tirupati swamy. Do you know how hard it is to get tirupati swamy blessing?. Here is an example: The saint named “Sai baba” started his meditations (or worship) at the age of 8 and he got the blessings of tirupati swamy only at the age of 48. Sai baba almost scarified his whole life and at the older age he got the chance to talk with tirupati swamy. so, do you think you can easily get the blessings of tirupati swamy by just walking infornt of tirupati swamy statue for few minutes?. NO WAY.
  13. Though, we can’t actually get the blessings of tirupati swamy, we must feel happy for those few minutes or few seconds that we get to see the tirupati swamy statue. During those few seconds we forget everything, we just think the tirupati swamy. That’s the wonderful thing. That’s why we go to tirupati temple and see tirupati swamy.
  14. Tirupati swamy is there to get your money, not there to give you money. If you want money (or blessings or anything) then you get from varaha swamy and then go to tirupati swamy to give the donation in his hundi.
  15. Note: “Sai baba” is the best friend to tirupati swamy (Pleae note: the term “best friend” should not be used here, but that’s how close is sai baba and tirupati swamy).
  16. When you see tirupati swamy statue, you see him from foot to head. Your life will grow up.
  17. By the way, who says tirupati swamy is inside the temple. He is not inside. He might be enjoying something somewhere.
  18. The statue of tirupati swamy inside the temple is not a man made statue (god himself made the statue).

Tirupati swamy

Mobile phones are men’s wife.

August 4th, 2018

For most men and women, the mobile phones are their mates, because they see their mobile phones atleast 100 times a day.

Hence, mobile phones are called man’s wife.

The point is — use/see your mobile phone only when it needs to be. (Not every 5-10 minutes). The root cause of many problems in life is because of mobile phones only. so be very careful using mobile phones.

A small Joke: Do you know why god lives in a hill top?  because at the hill top the mobile phones won’t get signal and you will not use them.

mobile phone

Less body weight = more brain function

August 4th, 2018

Brain works better when your body flesh gets lesser. so, reduce your body weight to increase your brain function.

Example: In stock market trading business we deal with mind. so, in stock market business or any business that involves mind, you need to have lesser body weight, because lesser body weight = more brain function. That’s the basic. If you miss the basic then what’s the point in doing all other stuffs?

Pregnant woman eat 1 ice cream daily

August 4th, 2018

If you are a pregnant women, then you can eat one ice cream daily. If you do, then you will get the following benefits,

  1. Your new born child will have a very good intellect (most of brain’s 18 bulbs will glow).
  2. You will give natural birth (no need for a surgical delivery or caesarean section).

NOTE: Ice creams are made using coconut oil. The coconut oil helps giving vaginal birth (or natural birth) without a surgical delivery.

Ice cream

To do list for Mother-in-law

August 4th, 2018

Daughter-in-law = the girl who is married to your son.

Mother-in-law =  the mother of one’s husband or wife.

The Mother-in-law should keep these 3 things shut,

  1. Eyes — Mother-in-law should not see (eyes) what daughter-in-law is doing,
  2. Mouth — Mother-in-law should not say (mouth) about/on daughter-in-law,
  3. Hands — Mother should not serve(hand) food to her son, son’s wife(daughter-in-law) will take care of serving food to her husband.

The point is — once married, the mother should not get involved in her son’s life, let the son’s wife take the control.

The rules for business success

August 4th, 2018

In any business, there can be a profit or loss, but there should not be any mistake.

What is okay:

  1. If you make a profit without making any mistake — That’s okay.
  2. If you loose money without making any mistake — That’s okay.

What is not okay:

  1. If you make a profit by making mistake — That’s NOT okay.
  2. If you loose money by making mistake — That’s NOT okay.

The point is — Profit and loss are part of business, but what we should not make is mistakes. Follow the business plan, pay the tax, run the business properly without making any mistakes.


Tamil proverb “ne paarthu po, kadavul paathukaapa irrupar”.

Meaning: If you don’t make any mistake then god (swamy) will be with you.

Set ambition – the 18 bulbs

August 4th, 2018

We humans have 3 brains – right brain, left brain and back brain.

The back brain is also called god’s brain, they are used only by sages and politicians.

  1. Right brain contains: 6 bulbs
  2. Left brain contains: 6 bulbs
  3. Back brain contains: 6 bulbs (This works only when you sleep)

NOTE: The term “bulb” is used for easier understanding, the bulb actually is a type of cells in our brain. Our brain has 18 different cells in total (6+6+6=18 cells).

So, we all humans have 18 bulbs in our brain and every individuals is required to glow most of their brain bulbs. The more bulb you glow the more smart you will be.

If you set ambition, then few of the 18 bulbs of your brain will start to glow automatically. Say for example, you can set any ambition you like. For instance, my ambition is to buy one land/property by end of this year or I want to earn 20 lakhs rupees in next 20 months etc.

The point is — Once you set the ambition, some of the 18 bulbs will start to glow automatically, and those bulb will help you in achieving your ambition. If you don’t set ambition, then those bulb won’t glow and your life will be as same as it is now.

NOTE: If all the 18 bulbs of your brain starts to glow then you will reach top in your field or profession (Example: Prime minster in the political field).

How to activate most of the bulbs?

Practice everything said in this blog and that will help you to glow most of the bulbs. God has given equal opportunity for every human. Use your brain, you will succeed.

How to activate all the 18 bulbs?

Your brain must be made up of golden soil to glow all 18 bulbs. The type of soil your brain was made by eswaran swamy decides the number of bulbs to glow. Note: The brain and body were made by god eswaran swamy using different soil. More on this click this please.

Brain bulbs

We get what god wants, not what we want

August 4th, 2018

We may be thinking to make millions and millions in life, but its not necessary to happen. Only thing that happens is what god(swamy) has decided to give you.

NOTHING IS GUARANTEED. We may get or we may not get what we dreamed for. If god likes you he will give, otherwise not. So, just do your work.

River lesson – business or day job?

August 4th, 2018

If you dived into river, then there are only two ways to reach the shore,

  1. Swim yourself to reach the shore, or
  2. You hold the legs of other person swimming in the same river to reach the shore.

If you don’t do either of above then you will die. Similarly, there are 2 choices — either you do a business or you go for a day job. You have to opt one to live, otherwise you will die.

Example: If you are into a business then you have to make it success(earn money) by doing yourself (swim yourself/self-employee), or you better work for some firm (other persons leg/day job) to earn money.

Poor is not poor forever

August 4th, 2018

If you born poor it does not mean you will live life long as a poor.

Wife is your child (first child)

August 4th, 2018

Your wife is your first child. If you treat her well, then your’s child will grow up well.

Tamil proverb: Ooram pillayai ooti valarthal than pillay thaney valarum.

English meaning —  If you look after your wife nicely (ooram pillai) then your kid will grow up nicely (thanpillay thaney valarum).

Respect money

August 4th, 2018

There are many ways to make money (i.e) by doing physical work or using brain/mind like the computer programmer etc., but you must give respect to money.

Giving respect means spending less and saving more.

Lets see how much is 12,000 rupees worth?

The 12,000 indian rupees = The physical work done in carrying a bag full of rice (rice weight around 100 kg) from bottom of the hill to the top of the hill without keeping the rice bag down anywhere. Note: The hill has 3,500 foot steps and you have to climb 3,500 foot steps without keeping the rice bag down anywhere.

Now, I hope you understood the value of 12,000 rupees.

The point is — respect the money.

Note: If you are doing a business that involves brain or mind works, then you must crush/use your brain as hard as like the above physical work.

Jesus, allah, swamy…

August 4th, 2018

Jesus, allah are all the avatar of perumal swamy, later they become separate religion.

Note: In christian they have only one god i.e) Jesus, In muslim they have only one god i.e) Allah, but in Hindu there are 1000’s of god’s that’s why we have 1000’s of misunderstandings.

The point is — All these 1000’s of different gods (including Jesus and Allah) are all the avatar of “swamy” only. The swamy (god) resides inside your heart itself.

Worship the moon on the 3rd day from new moon day

August 4th, 2018

Worship the moon on the 3rd day from the new moon day(amavasai in tamil), if you do then your family will grow up well in all aspects like happiness, wealth, health etc.

why the 3rd day from new moon day?

  1. The new moon day(or amavasi day/ dark night without moon) is the 1st day: On this day the god eswaran swamy had a fight with goddess eswari swamy, and the goddess eswari swamy went away from her husband home.
  2. 2nd day: Perumal swamy convinced both eswaran swamy and eswari swamy.
  3. 3rd day: Eswaran swamy and Eswari swamy got together.

So, the 3rd day from  new moon day(amavasai day) is considered very auspicious day.

Example: If 16th Jan 2018 is new moon day, then worship the moon on 18th Jan 2018 night.


  1. For men: Take 10 rupees note or 100 rupees paper currency and see the moon through the paper currency. You will get more money.
  2. For women: Light oil lamp in the evening/night and worship the moon.

Moon on the 3rd day after amavasai day

Don’t call your parents as daddy, mummy

August 4th, 2018
  1. If you are from tamil family, call your father as appa and mother as amma.
  2. Use your mother tongue please.
  3. Always use ‘nga’. Example: Sollunga appa, sollunga amma, vaanga appa, saringa etc. Never use the words like va, po, sollu, sari etc.

Please note: The daddy, mummy are english words for english people. If you use those words then you will call your partner as wife, and then after some time you will use another english word called “Divorce”.

Gain or lose weight using Almond (Badam)

August 4th, 2018

To gain weight:

  1. Daily eat 40 Almond (Badam).

To lose weight:

  1. Daily take 40 almond (badam) and soak overnight in water for about 8 to 10 hours, and then eat those 40 almond (badam) next morning. You will lose 6kg per month.
  2. Avoid one meal (breakfast or lunch or dinner) as well.

Almond (Badam)

Get blessings from 3rd gender people

August 4th, 2018
  1. The 3rd gender or transgender people (aravani in tamil language) are individuals who are neither man, nor woman.
  2. After the death 3rd gender don’t take a re-birth, whereas we male or female take re-births again and again many times after our death. There are 1008 births in total.
  3. Everyone of us take a birth from a beggar to 3rd gender (aravani). The last birth is 3rd gender birth. They are like the eswaran swamy and eswari swamy. So, when you see them you give them money to eat.
  4. They born as 3rd gender i.e) 2 gender in one physical body to reach the 2 (The 2 means the god eswaran swamy and eswari swamy). In Tamil its said as “Errandai pirandhu errandidam poi seruthal”. Errandu means eswaran and eswari swamy.
  5. So, the aravani are Eswaran and eswari god.

Why third gender or transgender don’t take re-birth?

because they took all other forms of birth’s in the past years. They have born as trees, humans, birds, animals, ant etc in past, and so this transgender birth is their 1008th last birth to remove all their past sins.

How does being born as third gender or transgender removes their sins?

Many individuals (male or female) abuse them, and by that way their sins gets removed. The purpose of their birth as third gender is to remove their sins.

Why get blessings from  third gender or transgender people?

If you get blessings from third gender people, then that will help you a lot in your life, because their blessings will come true since 1008 is the god’s form. So give them some money and get their blessing.

NOTE 1:Third gender people are inability to give birth, however they get born from a women’s womb by eswaran swamy’s grace.

NOTE 2: Eswaran swamy = the 3rd gender people. so getting blessings from 3rd gender people is equivalent to getting blessings from god himself (eswaran swamy).

Why god is busy?

August 4th, 2018
  1. Basically, perumal swamy is busy controlling his father’s anger.
  2. The father of perumal swamy is Eswaran swamy who always gets anger.
  3. He gets anger because of human beings wrong actions and so he(god) wants to destroy this entire world. Fortunately, his son perumal swamy stops eswaran swamy in doing that.
  4. The other 23 creatures like fish, animals, birds, trees etc calls perumal swamy for help and so perumal swamy goes there to help those creatures.

NOTE 1: Though there are many god/goddesss/devats presents, the eswaran swamy listens to his son perumal swamy only. What that simply means is that — No body else can stop eswaran swamy other than perumal swamy.

NOTE 2: Vinayagar swamy , Murugan swamy are childrens of eswaran swamy as well, but they didn’t obeyed their parents and they live on their own way. Its perumal swamy who controls/manages his father(eswaran swamy).

The point is — The god(perumal swamy) is busy managing his father.


The 7 Avatar of perumal swamy

August 4th, 2018
  1. Avatar means — same god with different names.
  2. Perumal swamy had taken 1008 avatar in total.
  3. The 7 most popular avatars of perumal swamy are like nainamalai varadaraja perumal swamy(sri mayavar)thirupati venkateswara perumal swamysabarimala  ayyappan swamy and so on.
  4. The 7 avatars of perumal swamy are also considered as brothers, and all of them are the same perumal swamy. 
  5. The tirupati venkateswara swamy is the youngest of all 7 brothers.
  6. The nainamalai varadaraja perumal swamy (sri mayavar) is the elder brother.
  7. All of these 7 brothers or 7 avatar of perumal swamy resides in the hill. These 7 temples are not man made temples. The god “Perumal swamy” came himself and stayed in those hills.


August 4th, 2018
  1. Eswaran swamy and Eswari swamy are god.
  2. Eswaran swamy is also known as Shiva or Easan
  3. Eswari swamy is also known as parvathi goddess.
  4. Eswaran swamy and Eswari swamy are husband and wife, they have 7 children’s.
  5. The 7 children’s are vinayagar swamy(or ganapathi swamy)murugan swamyperumal swamy etc. Note: Perumal swamy is one of the children of eswaran swamy and eswari swamy, but most people misunderstood perumal swamy as brother-in-law of Eswaran swamy (or eswari swamy’s brother).
  6. In total, there are 38 gods and goddess.
  7. Jesus and Allah are avatar of Persumal swamy.
  8. All the goddess like mahalakshmi, abhirami, maariamman etc are Eswari swamy only.
  9. There is no temple for Brahma god. However, the god Brahma swamy is in nainamalai hill. (Nainamalai varadaraja swamy temple).
  10. Karuppana swamy is the security guard(kaval deivam in tamil) for all god and goddess.

For more click this please — 38 mukkodi devargal 380000000000000000000000∞ 

Avoid drinking tea/coffee from tea shops

August 4th, 2018
  1. Stop drinking tea/coffee from tea shops (especially in India). This is because the tea shops uses tea seeds which contains artificial clothes color dye in it. These artificial color dying tea seeds gives severe health problems. Note: You can test this by yourself going to any teas shops, get a tea and pour over the clothes. The color dye on the clothes won’s go off even after you wash with soap. so think how badly it would get attached to your stomach or inside body.
  2. Drinking tea causes heart attack.

Note: You can buy good quality tea seeds or coffee seeds, and then you can make tea at home, but avoid tea/coffee from outside shops 100%.

A cure for all incurable diseases – Drink your own urine

August 4th, 2018

The steps:

  1. Drink water before going to bed (i.e) before sleep.
  2. Next day morning you drink your own urine.
  3. Repeat the above steps for next 48 days.

Doing above will cure any incurable disease/pain. However, the result can be seen from 10th to 15th day itself.

Why this works?

  1. Our body has 1,01,28,000 cells in total. When you drink your own urine, these cells will think why this person is drinking his own urine. For first few days the cells will reject your urine drinking habit, and if you keep doing that for 10 days (continuously) then the cells responsible for causing pains or diseases will run away from your body. The diseases like severe leg pain, incurable stomach ache, jaundice (manjal kamalai in tamil) and many other diseases will be cured by drinking your own urine for 48 days.
  2. Every humans body are made up of different soils by god. Example: Some human body are made up of black soil (kaliman in tamil), and for some humans the body are made up of slaked lime (sunnambu in tamil) and so on. So, if you go to doctor they first unable to find the type of soil your body was made up of, and hence the doctor will give you the common tablets/medicines which won’t work for every person because every person is made up of different soils. Hence, doctors changes the tablets/medicines more often. Note: Its only god who knows the type of soil your body was made up of, because its god shiva (eswaran samy) who created you using soil. Hence, if you drink your own urine generated from your own body(same soil) then that will cure the incurable health problems because the urine is considered as medicines made from same soil(your body).
  3. Please do not drink others urine. Drink your own urine for 48 continuous days.


If you drink your own urine for 48 continuous days, then the cells responsible for incurable health issues will run away from your body.

Example: Its like police beating a thief 10+ times to reveal the truth, If you drink your own urine for 48 days then the cells responsible for diseases will run away in the next 10 to 15 days.

How to escape from death?

August 4th, 2018

Always keep these things in your house,

  1. Yellu (Sesame Seeds)
  2. Nellu (Paddy) and Kollu (horse gram)

The god of death (yama) will go back if he see a house having above things.

Please check this as well — The weakness of yama.

Ambition/brake (very important)

August 1st, 2018

First set an ambition. Only then your brain starts to work.

Will you buy a bicycle without a brake?

No, right. The same way, a human without ambition is like a bicycle without brake. No one will buy you or there is no use in living a life without ambition.

Please check this as well: Ambition = Brake

The soul of an ant is = The soul of human being

July 24th, 2018

Say for example, you are in a great depression and you went to temple. Assume that, before you enter the temple god appeared and asked you to kill a small ant and then come inside the temple if you wan to solve your great depression or big issues. Will you kill the ant and go inside the temple to solve  your depression problem?

The answers is — we should not even kill an ant by thinking ant as a small insect, this is because the soul(atma) of an ant and the soul(atma) of human are all the SAME. God just gave different bodies (shape/size) to different creatures with a SAME SOUL.

Important: The soul is created by shiva swamy.

The 108 years of humans life will be of problems…

July 24th, 2018

Humans life span is 140 years. Out of those 140 years, the 108 planets(or 108 graham) will give problems/trouble every year. (i.e) One Planet per year. So, the 108 years of humans life will be of sufferings. The remaining 32 years is where no planets will disturb you and during those 32 years you will shine and reach top in your professional/personal life.

The point is — Just keep working, and keep your mind clean. TIME will change.

Very very important: Don’t go to astrologers for remedy. The astrologer can only say things like “go to this temple, that temple etc”. It’s not the astrologer came to you, you went to him, so it’s your mistake.

Dhairya Lakshmi — the goddess of courage and brave

July 23rd, 2018

All the human beings have the goddess Dhairya Lakshmi within themselves. So, why fear?

Note: Dhairya Lakshmi is the goddess of courage/boldness.

Important: We should not ask god to give us courage/boldness, this is because its wrong asking something that we have already within ourself.

You can use the courage/boldness to win in life.

Dhairya Lakshmi or Veera Lakshmi Goddess