Why venkateshwara swamy’s hand posture is different?

In tirupati — tirumala venkateshwara swamy’s keeps his right hand in a position of borrowing things (not in a position of giving you). Tirupati venkateshwara swamy is asking you “want you bought for me?”, “what are you going to give me?”, “give me money is what he(god) is asking you”. That’s the meaning of hand posture in tirupati venkateshwara swamy.

Why tirupati venkateshwara swamy asking?

To pay his rent (tirumala 7 hill residential rent) to varaha swamy, and to pay his debt interest. The truth is tirupati swamy is still in debt, and the tirupati swamy is paying the rent and loan interest only till this date from the hundi money. Just imagine, how much money he(god) would have borrowed?

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The right hand posture is asking you to give something (money mainly to pay his bills)

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