Why thoughts are not everything?

1) How Many Thoughts Does Your Mind Think in One Day?

Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day.

2) How Many Thoughts Does Your Mind Think in One Year (365 days)?

365 days * 60,000 = 21,900,000 thoughts per year.

3) Out of 21,900,000 Thoughts How Many Comes True?

Answer: A very few.

The point is — Thoughts are not everything.

Here is an real life example of thoughts:

The flower has got 1 thought, and all the flowers thinks the same 1 thought in their entire life.

The 1 single thought of all flowers is this — “I want to reach god/temple”

If this is the case, why didn’t all the flower’s thought came true when every flowers have the same thought in common?. Why few reaches temple, why few reaches dead bed, and why few reaches women’s head and so on. This is because of the fate. The flower which has got good fate reaches god, others reach other places etc. So, its all fate (kudupanai in tamil or blessings).

When the 1 thought for entire life itself is not coming true, how come 21,900,000 thoughts will come true?. The truth is — Thoughts are not gonna come true. What god wants to happen on you will only come true.

“What god wants to happen on you” means — Your fate or the blessings.

Note: Your fate is already written, but the blessings can be received anytime, however both the fate and blessings are in gods hand only.


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More on fate below:

Say for instance, your fate is bad. In this case, you can go to temple and god can change it. Note: This doesn’t mean you just go temple/church/mosque and everything will work on its own. For this to work, you must look after your family first, there is no use in going temple if you don’t look after your family member.

The other thing is the society where you live in impact your fate as well. Let’s assume that the god has scribbled your fate badly to become a beggar at age 48 in this birth, in this case you can still live a happy life begging if you are a beggar in UK or USA, but if you are a beggar in India then your life will be hard, because in India “the design of society” is very bad. so, you got the picture? The society (UK, USA, India, Dubai etc) where you born or live plays an important role in the implementation of fate. However, where you should born also decided by god. If you do bad stuffs in this birth, then in your next birth you will born in a poor countries and suffer a lot.

Note: Every country (or society) has something special in it. Say for example, India is the only land where you can get the knowledge on spirituality, but other than spirituality India is not a good place to live. Likewise, the UK has something special and so on. For more on foreign countries vs India click here.

Now, lets get back into thoughts.

What can we do about thoughts when 99% of them are useless anyway?

The eye is the switch and the mind is the speaker. The switch gets ON (eyes on) the moment you born in this earth, and it can’t be turned OFF(eyes off) until you die (even after your death the eyes lives for 2.5 hours). So, naturally the speaker(mind) will get thousands of thoughts by default, because the switch is ON and the speaker gets ON continuously. Hence, you can’t stop the thoughts coming, but you can always remember the below points in your mind,

All my thoughts are waste. None gonna come true. What I can do is just 2 things,

  1. Have an ambition and start working like an ant: Its good to have an ambition that are inline with your responsibilities.
  2. Keep the mind clean as like a fly:  No dirty secrets like illegal affairs, cheating etc.

Remember: If god wants to take away leaves, he takes away via wind (the wind is god). so you just keep working like an ant and keep your mind clean like a fly. That’s it. Leave the rest to the creator.

Leaves moved by wind

Note: The mosquito bites even after its stomach gets full. Why? because — just for the sake of working, the mosquito works. Likewise, you work irrespective of you making money or not. Just keep working, no rest.

This is important: To work on something, you must have some AMBITION first. Please check this — what happens when you set AMBITION?.

Even after setting ambition and working years, most of the things will go wrong because of 108 planets(graham) impacts. Those 108 planets will put you in trouble . Only the 32 years of no planet/graham impact will take you to success. so, during those 108 years you may fail many times, but you keep working. Just remember the above mentioned 2 points — keep working and keep your mind clean.

Remember this all time: Thoughts are not everything. Do you know why we shave our head hair or tonsure in tirupati temple? We tonsure by saying to god as “I can’t even pull a single hair out of head, its all you(god) who did everything for me”. Just remember this in your mind for ever. Don’t forget.


Along with the ambition and work, you use the Courage (Dhairya Lakshmi) to win. Note: The minds 18 bulb is very rare to glow for everyone, but everyone of us have courage (Dhairya Lakshmi) within us. You achieve your dreams using the courage/boldness.

The conclusion:

  1. Have an ambition,
  2. Start working like a mosquito example given above,
  3. Keep your mind clean,
  4. Use the courage to win, and
  5. Have faith in god.

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