Why go temple?

Because we are all sin peoples. Visiting temple removes your sins.


When you go to tirupati temple or nainamalai temple using the foot paths (hill steps), you will get pain and you will say like “appadi in tamil” while climbing hill. The sins gets remove as you feel the pain (or say “appadi”).

Example: In tirupati temple or any other temple, we wait for hours in the queue to see god. During those waiting period, we get the pain emotionally and/or physically. We feel the pain standing in the queue or climbing the hill steps. Those difficulties or pain in seeing god is what makes your sins remove.

The point is — you should feel the pain of the crowd/rush/queue to see god. Only then you will get the “pain”, and that “pain” removes your sin.

Note: Everyone of us are sin people. so, you go temple to remove your sins.

Waiting in queue to see god

Nainamalai foot steps (3500 hill steps)

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