Who will be with you?


Relatives are like the clothes. As we grow bigger or older the clothes don’t fit to our body. so we change to new clothes. Likewise, relatives will change over the time.

Hence, your relatives will not be with you for ever.


Mother is like a soap. The soap gets melted slowly in the bathe/shower.

Hence, your mother will not be with you forever.


Father is like the shower water (or river water), it reaches the drainage after we take bathe.

Hence, your father will not be with you forever.


Your wife is your first child. She will be with you up-till you die and after that ????

Hence, your wife will not be with you forever.


Sisters compare each other. They fight.

Hence, your sisters will not be with you forever.


Brothers are like partnership (pangali in tamil language). The partnership always breaks.

Hence, brothers will not be with you forever.


The louse (a very small insect that lives in the hair/head of people) will go away from your head before you going to die. The louse knows your death time and it goes away from you few hours before you die.

so, the point is — who will be with you?

Everyone will go away in your life. Only god will be with you even after your death.

Note: We humans born and die, but god never dies.

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