what’s in-between 6/3?

The meaning of 6/3 is given here.

What’s in-between 6/3?

The answer is: 4 and 5.

In between 6 and 3, we have the number 4 and 5. The number 4 and 5 is what every human beings will face on this planet, and that’s the design of human life.


  • Every human being must work like a dog. There will be so many issues and pains in his/her life, but you have to run like a street dog for food and shelter. You have to work for your wife’s happiness, kids happiness, family happiness etc. That’s the meaning for number 4. In tamil language, “naai padatha padu padanum”.
  • After 60+ age you be patience. Your daughter-in-law, daughter, wife etc may not serve you food (or) they will not respect you, at that time you stay calm and be patience. That’s the meaning for number 5. In tamil language “amaithiya iru”.

Tamil meaning:

  • Naai padatha padu padanum, that’s the meaning for naalu (4).
  • Amaithiya iru, that’s the meaning for anju(5).

Human life cycle from number 1 to 6 is given below,

  1. ONE is childhood stage (kulanthai paruvam in tamil).
  2. TWO is teenage stage (illamai paruvam in tamil)
  3. THREE is marriage.
  4. FOUR is dog’s life (naai padatha padu padanum)
  5. FIVE is stay calm (amaithiya iru)
  6. SIX is death.

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