Wash your brain daily

This website don’t have answers for everything. You find out using your brain.

Example: God can’t tell you everything. The snake goddess (nagamma swamy) says she found the secret of how gold is made. Likewise, you find the answers using your brain.

Note: We wash our clothes daily (before wearing them), but we don’t wash our brain daily. So wash/crush your brain daily.

Note: The mental(mentally disordered person) washes his brain daily, and so he is an artist. The mental keeps on thinking on something, and his brain works non-stop, but the problem is he can’t say what he thinks. By the way, mentals are the most happiest person in the world.

Question: How the mental cross the road safely without getting accident?

Note: Many would have seen mental persons on the road, but they won’t get accidents, how?

Answer:  Wash(crush) your brain to find the answer.

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