Varadaraja swamy Vs Tirupati swamy

  1. Sri Mayavar is also known as Sri Varadaraja Perumal Swamy. He is the elder brother of tirupati swamy.
  2. Sri Mayavar lives alone with his family, and he stays away from people or the crowd. That’s why he reside at the top of nainamalai hill.
  3. However, sri mayavar see’s people whoever comes to him after climbing 3500 steps of his hill. If you have any problems in life, you can go to his temple (hill top) 3 times for 3 continuous amavasai day. Sri Mayavar will solve your problems 100% guaranteed.
  4. Note: If you start climbing 3500 steps, you should not return in the middle or give-up.
  5. Tirupati swamy is the younger brother of sri varadaraja swamy.
  6. The tirupati temple gets lots of crowd.
  7. The tirupati swamy is not married, whereas sri varadaraja swamy is married.
  8. If you want money, you go to tirupati.
  9. If you see tirupati swamy 12 times for 12 continuous month, the tirupati swamy will see you on the 13th month.
  10. Both the nainamalai temple (sri mayavar swamy) and the tirupati temple are not man made temple. God himself came and resided there long long ago (many yugas).

Note: The Health, life lessons and stock market in this website are all the lessons I learned from swamy only.

IMPORTANT: In recent times (some 3 to 4 years ago), the thunder lightning damaged the kalasam of nainamalai varadaraja temple (top temple tower). So, the varadaraja perumal swamy went to tirupati, and he resides in tirupati temple now. Once the nainamalai kumbabishekam gets over (i.e) after the kalasam/hill-temple reconstruction, the varadaraja perumal swamy will come back to the nainamalai hill.

The point is — for now, the varadaraja swamy is in tirupati temple. You go to tirupati temple.

Sri mayavar swamy in nainamalai hill, namakkal.

Tirupati temple

Nainamali temple – Sri varadaraja perumal swamy

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