TV is for elder people

The elders can watch television(tv) for diverting their thoughts like depression or dull life. However, younger should not waste time in watching TV.

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Thanks to my friend selvakanmani for sharing this video, worth watching it.

Extraction from video:

Daa daraa ra raaa… (Doordarshan channel music from 70’s)

Yes, Shit is happening all over the world. But that is okay. You relax.

Daa daraa ra raaa…

Remember, Life is a circle. What is up will be down and what is down will be up. You relax.

Daa daraa ra raaa…

You do your job. Be good. Do good. Everything else will fall in place. Relax.

Da Ra Raa Ra Raa. dun dun dun doo…

That’s how life should be.

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