Tolerance is the important skill one must learn (“sakipputtaṉmai” in tamil language). In the olden days, people lived together in a joint family and they adjust with one other. But now we don’t have “adjustment” or “tolerance” in a family.

Example: If the (son and daughter) OR (elder son and younger son) OR (husband and wife) don’t like each other then they ask for a independent room in a same house. The parents live in one room, and children’s live in another room of  a same house because what children liked is disliked by parents, and what parents liked is disliked by children. Hence, separate separate room for each people.

The point is —  when these kids face the real world, it becomes hard for them to adjust with other people. They become adamant or can’t tolerate with other people. This may leads to commit suicide at one stage because the tolerance skill is lost.

Note: In the joint family, you will learn the tolerance skill.


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