There is no escape from your sin. You must suffer.

Everybody says “what mistake I did?”. They say this to escape from their mistakes.

But, without making mistake people can’t suffer. Example: If you look back yourself from age 22 to till 60, you would have done so many mistakes which you might have not remembered, but those mistakes are the one which will affect you and your kids too. There is no escape for your sins. You must suffer. That’s it.

All the sin that you do (or) did in the past will come back you only. No one will suffer for your sin (bad actions) that you did, its you who has to suffer.

Note: We are all going to take many births (1008 births in total). Your sin will follow you and you alone going to suffer. Hence, don’t do any mistake. God won’t take your sin. You have to suffer (pain) for all your bad actions.


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