The Kaliman secret (The black color soil).

The black color soil(kaliman in tamil) is a type of soil, and its good for eyes, hair and brain. Apply kaliman on head for 5 minutes before taking bath/shower, and then take a shower.

IMPORTANT: Please get the kaliman soil (black color hard soil) from the shore of a river (edge of a river water). This is because there are 1000’s of different plants grows up in the edges of river water, and the strength(roots) of those 1000’s plants gets stored in that kaliman soil, and hence the power of such soil will be of great.

Note: Don’t use kaliman from the farmlands, because the farmland kaliman soil doesn’t have 1000’s of plant roots strength.

  1. Don’t use soap and shampoo. They are all chemicals.
  2. Also do this if possible — Mix the gram flour (kadalai maavu in tamil) and green gram (paasi payaru in tamil) powder together and apply that on your body while taking bathe/shower.

Black color soil – kaliman in tamil language

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