The Fate

  1. It’s all fate. What is written is only going to happen.
  2. It’s all kudupanai in tamil.

Things happens as per its written (fate). If you have good fate, then you will have a very good life. However, if your fate is bad, then you can go to temple/church/mosque depending on your religion and god can change it if he likes you.

Note: Just going to temple/church/mosque itself doesn’t happen as you think, if its in fate you will go, otherwise not. so everything happens as per fate.

Example: All the flowers on this earth has got this one single thought —“to reach god in the temple or church or mosque”, but how many flowers reaches god? Only few percentage of them, the remaining goes to dead bed, humans head etc. So, if the fate of flower is good, then that flower will reach god (temple/church/mosque).

Who writes the fate?

The god shiva (easan)

When he(god) writes the fate of humans?

During the 9 months of pregnancy, you were a baby in your mother’s womb.

Does god shiva (easan) show partiality to people while writing fate?

No, He just scribbles and that becomes a fate.

Who can read the fate?

If you go to temple/church/mosque, there god will be inside and they can read your fate. If they wish they can change it. However, the god/goddess still need good reasons to change because its already been written by the god shiva, so changing fate is something that god/goddess has to decide, not YOU.

Apart from god, there are few good astrologers who can read fate based on your horoscope and give some tips. But 99.9% of them are all fake or less knowledge astrologers.

The point is — fate is out of our control. All we can do is, go to temple and do our duty.

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