The end — in god’s hand

You may decide where your child should born (like which place and in which hospital), but it’s god who decides where(when) your child should die. That’s called the end point. So you see, the end is in god’s hand always. Likewise, you may be in India and thinking to go abroad or start company in america, but that’s a wrong approach because the end is in god’s hand. so, you start a company in India and that may grow in america and who knows it may end in mars as well. so, you plant a tree in India and do everything in your place. It’s god who will decide up-to where it will grow and end.

so, just do 2 things:

  1. Have an ambition, and start working in your place itself.
  2. Keep the mind clean (no dirty secrets, no pornography etc).
  3. That’s it. God will take care of rest.

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