The 6 months time to change husband – kerosene trick

If you are a married women and your husband is addicted to alcohol or not earning money to support your family, then its wife’s responsibility to solve this issue.

IMPORTANT: The wife has maximum 6 months time to change her husband’s bad attitudes (like alcohol addiction etc). If the husband don’t change his bad attitude over the period of 6 months time then he will never change for ever.

How to change husband’s attitude in 6 months time?

First try all your ways and even if he doesn’t change then you can try this approach — Take a bottle of kerosene, lock the door, keep the windows wide open, do not carry matchbox or matchstick. Just pour kersoine on your body (along with your kids) and threaten to commit suicide. That’s it. Your husband will change for better. If this approach doesn’t work then its waste to be with him.

VERY VERY IMPORTANT: This is just a drama. so don’t commit suicide. Strictly no match stick while doing this drama.

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