We born without our permission, If someone had asked our permission then we would have said NO. Why? because that’s how the person in anxiety or depression feels. It pains a lot.

So, what’s next?

Just do 4 things,

  1. There is no use in getting depressed, put your mind running on other track.
  2. Have an ambition and start working. It’s good to have an ambition that are inline with your responsibilities.
  3. Keep the mind clean (no dirty secrets, no pornography etc).
  4. Think only good things.

Doing above will change you in a positive way over time.

This is important:

  1. To work on something — you must have some AMBITION first.
  2. Please check this — what happens when you set AMBITION.
  3. Along with the ambition and work, you use the Courage (Dhairya Lakshmi) to win.

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