The 1st child becomes broomstick, 2nd reaches god

  1. The first born child of a family will be very aggressive, fast in nature etc, but they become like a broom stick in their life.
  2. The second born child of a family will be quite, calm and slow in progress etc. They are the one who get successful in life.

Example:  In a palm tree, the leaves rushes fast and comes-out quickly, whereas the coconuts comes second. The coconuts takes time to come-out. The coconuts goes to the god (people use coconut in temple), whereas the palm leaves are used in making broom sticks. So, if you are fast then you will become like a broomsticks, whereas the slow approach reaches the god.

Palm tree leaves used for making broom sticks

The broom sticks from palm tree leaves

Palm tree coconuts in temple — the second child

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