Srirangam temple – sri ranganatha swamy

The rules for visiting srirangam temple (sri ranganatha swamy temple in tiruchirapalli):

After you worship the srirangam temple, you must visit other temple nearby (for example: samayapuram mariamman temple or uchi pillayar temple or any other temple nearby srirangam temple).

If you just visit srirangam temple and return home without visiting other temple, then you will get failures in life.


This is because, sri ranganatha swamy lost in the battle.

After he(sri ranganatha swamy) lost in the battle he came to srirangam to lay down. so the point is — sri ranganatha swamy lost the battle and he is in a depressed state inside the temple. If you just worship his temple then you too will get failures in life.

IMPORTANT: When you visit other temple (after worshiping srirangam temple), the other god/goddess will give you the blessings or boon.

Sri Ranganatha Swamy / Srirangam temple

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