Set ambition – the 18 bulbs

We humans have 3 brains – right brain, left brain and back brain.

The back brain is also called god’s brain, they are used only by sages and politicians.

  1. Right brain contains: 6 bulbs
  2. Left brain contains: 6 bulbs
  3. Back brain contains: 6 bulbs (This works only when you sleep)

NOTE: The term “bulb” is used for easier understanding, the bulb actually is a type of cells in our brain. Our brain has 18 different cells in total (6+6+6=18 cells).

So, we all humans have 18 bulbs in our brain and every individuals is required to glow most of their brain bulbs. The more bulb you glow the more smart you will be.

If you set ambition, then few of the 18 bulbs of your brain will start to glow automatically. Say for example, you can set any ambition you like. For instance, my ambition is to buy one land/property by end of this year or I want to earn 20 lakhs rupees in next 20 months etc.

The point is — Once you set the ambition, some of the 18 bulbs will start to glow automatically, and those bulb will help you in achieving your ambition. If you don’t set ambition, then those bulb won’t glow and your life will be as same as it is now.

NOTE: If all the 18 bulbs of your brain starts to glow then you will reach top in your field or profession (Example: Prime minster in the political field).

How to activate most of the bulbs?

Practice everything said in this blog and that will help you to glow most of the bulbs. God has given equal opportunity for every human. Use your brain, you will succeed.

How to activate all the 18 bulbs?

Your brain must be made up of golden soil to glow all 18 bulbs. The type of soil your brain was made by eswaran swamy decides the number of bulbs to glow. Note: The brain and body were made by god eswaran swamy using different soil. More on this click this please.

Brain bulbs

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