The men are like the sea water, and the women are similar to the river water.

Men (sea water):

  1. Sea water never dries, but nobody drinks sea water because its a salty water. Similarly, there are plenty of men and all of them are waste (like: big sea, no water to drink). So you got the picture? the men are like a sea water.
  2. The sea has a sea shore. The sea water travel towards a shore and then goes back into the sea. Likewise, the men has a very few things to do in his entire life — (a) Look after his parents, (b) Look after his wife, and (c) earn money. That’s it. Just as similar as the sea shore, men has only few responsibilities.
  3. No one takes bathe in the sea (because its a salty water), and so the sea water remain clean always. Likewise, the men remains clean always.

Women (river water):

  1. Everyone drinks the river water. Likewise, everyone likes women, and at the same time the women has loads of responsibilities to look after. Example: Caring her husband, caring her children’s, caring mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, co-sister, co-brothers, son-in-law, daughter-in-law,  grand son, grand daughter, great grand son, great grand daughter, nephew, niece, cousin brother, cousin sister etc.
  2. River water runs out (Meaning: they go dry — Example : 6 months plenty of water in river and another 6 months no water in river). Likewise, the life of women will have 6 months of happiness and another 6 months of worries.
  3. The river keeps travelling (no shore). Likewise, the life of women involves non-stop travelling to bring her family.
  4. Everyone takes bathe in the river, and many people pee/urinate in the river itself, but people think that’s a holy water (Ganga river). Likewise, the women are unclean.

Conclusion: Both the men and women has got good qualities and bad qualities as well. So, being a water itself is a waste life. Hence, touch the fire.

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