Don’t take Rest.

If you take rest, your mind will think into negative sides like alcohol, porn etc.

What makes us to take rest?

The food is the root cause. If you eat more food, you will take more rest. The other thing is if you eat more food, you will get sleepy.

The point is — eat less and sleep less. Always keep yourself busy doing something.

How to eat less?

  • Control your 50 gram tongue.
  • If you add less salt to your food, then you will eat less. This is because, the less salt makes the food taste less.

What If I am interested in eating more food?

As said above, if you eat more food then you will take rest (negative thoughts), and sleep more and then the problem begins.

When I work I get the pain physically or emotionally, so what to do for that?

You should not look back your past. You should not see the pain after the work. As long as you get paid or rewarded for your work then that’s okay. Example: The military man works hard. They run 40 kilometers everyday and they get less food to eat. In the night time, they were given alcohol to drink. Do you know why? because they should not run away home next morning by thinking the pain. To make them forget the pain the alcohol is served at night. Likewise, we should forget the pain by not looking at the past, and start working next day.

Please note: None of us going to work like military man, so don’t take alcohol as an excuse for hard work.

I have lost big money (3 cores rupees) in business, and now I am not interest to work or earn money. What to do? 

The answer is already given above. Don’t look at the past. Start working.

If you don’t work, then you will eat more and take more rest by default. Your mind will think into the negative like alcohol, cheating, porn, illegal affair etc. so, more problems will come there after.

Instead of working (after a big loss), should I go to temple and ask god’s help?

Never imagine like “god will come, and give you full bag of money”.

Note: To get god’s blessing, you first need to be a devotee. Who is devotee? The devotee is one who works hard to support his family, and keep his mind clean. So, you need to work first, and then only god might see you. The other thing is god is busy. God’s help is above your head.

The point is — God has given you brain. so use your brain fully.

How to use brain fully?

Few example are given below, but you do all the points given in this website.

  1.  Your mind is the king. First control the 50 gram tongue.
  2. Do exercise to reduce 8kg weight, and then use your brain to think.
  3. Get help from the tree. Trees can solve your problems.
  4. Don’t look at your past.
  5. Set an ambition/dream.
  6. Sit in silence for 30 minutes and think what to do next.
  7. Do the thumb press exercise for brain functions.
  8. Start working — do not turn your head.
  9. Work, work and work like chinese.
  10. Keep water for birds/dogs and get their blessings.
  11. Get blessings from 3rd gender people.
  12. Visit your family deity (kula deivam temple).
  13. Plant atleast 1 tree a year.

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