NO money donation to humans

Giving money to tirupati swamy will help you in next birth. But, giving money to humans will spoil you in this birth itself. However, you can give money to a very poor peoples (like beggar) but not to other people voluntarily. Why? because,

  1. If you give money voluntarily to normal person then that person will think how this guy got so much money? By thinking how you got so much money itself will bring your money down.
  2. Even if you give money to beggars, give small amount of money. If you give 1 rupee or 5 rupees beggar will bless you, but if you give 500 rupees he will look up and down rather he bless you.
  3. If you want to help someone, then help him/her in terms of giving them rice bag if he/she doesn’t have food to eat, but don’t give money. You can get new dress for blind people but no money giving.
  4. Example: If you are running a big company and give bonus money to employee then the employee will say “company is giving his hard work money “ the employee won’t bless the employer for giving bonus or extra money. That’s why many big companies donate crores and crores of rupees in tirupati hundi rather than they give small bonus to employees.

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