Half of the world population will die after 1000 to 2000 years from now

The Bermuda triangle(devil’s triangle) has got a living organism called “Naragasoran” that’s going to kill half of the worlds population after 1000 to 2000 year from now. Here are things to know about “naragasoran”,

  1. The living being inside the bermuda triangle is called “naragasoran” and it comes out once in 12 years to take rest.
  2. Naragasooran’s respiration gives out harmful virus that causes disaster to this world.
  3. Naragasooran comes out only during the night time, and no one can see it.
  4. One of the naragasoran is inside the bermuda triangle or devil triangle.
  5. If you try to reach near naragasoran, your mind cells (all 18 major mind cells) will be made dead, you can’t remember anything and you will die.
  6. No electronic products will work near the naragasooran (bermuda triangle).
  7. The sea area between australia and africa is where these “naragasooran” resides.
  8. In total there are around 3 naragasoran resides inside the ocean, and one of that is inside the bermuda triangle.
  9. The naragasooran are created by perumal swamy and it will be used by perumal swamy after 1000 to 2000 years to destroy half of the world population.
  10. why perumal swamy created this naragasoran inside the sea? Because there are many bad people in this world and to destroy them he created the naragasoran. If god uses some other ways to destroy bad people like earthquake or tsunami then the other 23 living creaatures (trees, birds, animals, ants etc) which has not done any mistakes will die as well. so to destroy only the bad humans (without destroying trees and other creatures) the naragasoran was created.
  11. Why the god (perumal swamy) use this naragasoran? Because perumal swamy himself can’t destroy his own childrens (we humans are seeds or children of god), so the god himself can’t kill his own children. so he uses naragasooran to destroy bad people (only bad humans and no other creatures like tree, birds etc will be killed).
  12. Who are all the bad people? The bad people are those who have no brain and do all mistakes many times knowingly. They will born again and again in this earth and one day they will get killed by naragasoran at night time.
  13. Why naragasoran come out only at night time? Because if naragasoran comes during day time, then most of the bad people will run away, but if the naragasoran come in the mid-night sleep then those bad people can’t run away or escape from death. They all will be killed in their sleep itself. Note: If you do mistakes in life, and never change in life, then you will be added to “bad people” list. Then, all of these “bad people” will be killed by naragasoran.

After the half of world population die, the world will dramatically change by entering into a new era (yugam) with good people only.

Finally, the naragasoran will be killed by god(perumal swamy).

Naragasooran — inside the sea (bermuda triangle)

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