Naamam – You will lead this world

  1. The ‘naamam’ is the religious mark on the forehead of Lord venkateshwara swamy.
  2. The devotees must put ‘naamam’ in their forehead. Its a must when you go temple.
  3. If you put naamam in your forehead you will lead this world. However, if you put pattai (circle pottu in middle, shaivites wear ‘pattai ‘) then your life will be inside a circle.
  4. We humans should only put one line up naamam (The ‘I’ shape mark). God puts 3 lines up (The ‘U’ shape mark or ‘V’ shape mark).
  5. When you put the one line naamam (i.e) the ‘I’ shape mark on your forehead you should start the line from the bottom of forehead to the top — doing this represents you will lead this world.
  6. If not all days, atleast on Saturday you put “naamam” on your forehead.


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