Mother-in-law issues?

  1. Its difficult for “daughter in law” to become like a “daughter”. Example: If your wife gets scolded by her own mother(wife’s mother) then she will forget that in few seconds. However if your wife gets scolded by your mother (husband’s mother) then she will record in her mind/heart. She won’t forget it and she(wife) will wait for the right time to take revenge.
  2. If you put lemon juice inside the milk or the curd, then they will get spoiled. Likewise, the wife and the mother-in-law are like the lemon juice and milk/curd. They won’t go well with each others.

The solution for above issue is given below,

  1. Click here to know what mother-in-law should do.
  2. Adjust/Tolerance is the key for happy family.

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