Love marriage – tamarind tree

If you do a love marriage then you will not go to your parents house forever.

  1. The tamarind tree (puliyamaram in tamil language) had done a love marriage. So, the god(eswaran) said to tamarind tree that you come to my house when there is no flowers in your tree. Meaning: The tamarind tree (puliyaram) is a child of god eswaran and since the tamarind tree did a love marriage, the god eswaran cursed the tree saying that “You come to my house when there is no flowers”.
  2. Note: The tamarind tree gives out flowers throughout the years (all months). There is no day without flowers. So the tamarind tree never gets the chance to visit her parents house. It literally means, the tamarind tree is pregnant always or have flowers all days, months and years.

Similarly, the humans whoever do a love marriage never go their mother’s house.

Note: The god(perumal swamy) doesn’t support love marriage, whereas the god murugan swamy support the love marriage.

IMPORTANT: When you do a love marriage, your parents may give a smile in front of you, but they are not really happy. They won’t tell you all these. The parents get hurts and it will effect you in later stage (karma neutralize).

The point is — don’t do love marriage. Get married in your own caste/religion itself, with your parents blessings.

Tamarind tree – always pregnant

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