It’s the humans who got changed. Not the God.

  1. Example: In the olden days, people use to apply oil in their head, over the body and they sleep in the ground using sleeping mat. But, since man invented coat/bed they(humans) stopped applying oil as it’s going to stick over the bed. So, who changed? Man has changed. The new invention(bed) changed him.
  2. Anyway, apply oil in head and take oil bath once in a month to keep your body cool.
  3. Changing the panchangam calendar is not good for the society (panchangam is a hindu calendar which follows traditional units of Hindu timekeeping). Example: Some people change the Tamil new year date and they also reduce the number of days in a particular Tamil month. Doing these thing will effect the society because god doesn’t like it. so, its the man who changed, and its the man who will suffers finally.

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