Its a better world for women

Women in the olden days,

  1. If a rich women crosses in-front of poor women then the poor women should take off the flower from her head. No poor women should have flower in her head in-front of rich women.
  2. Women’s were not allowed to keep their hair loose. After marriage, its a must that a women ties her hair. (Note: women’s normally get married at the age of 12 or 13 in the olden days).
  3. Women have been treated as slave to husband in the olden days. The wife do all the works, husband do nothing excepting going for work and sleeping.

The good thing is — the world has changed and its changing for better. This current world is good for women. Women can do anything they want, they can wear modern dress, they can have any hairstyle they want etc, but the only issue is this — these modern looks attracts more men and the next door married man will have an illegal affair with other married women.

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