Hair – natural medicine

  1. All the tablets/medicines are made up using hair. The hair that you give (hair tonsure) in tirupati temple are exported to foreign countries, and the foreign companies use those hair to make medicines. Finally, those medicines are imported back to India.
  2. The Tirupati temple administrative people make 20 crores in selling (tonsured hair) in the auction to Indian company or broker. The broker whoever bought the hair in auction sells it back to foreign companies for 60 crores. The foreign company makes the tablets/medicines using those hairs and finally they sell it back to India at the cost of 120 crores.
  3. Only in India (Example: Tirupati temple) people donate hair, whereas in foreign countries, the white people don’t donate their hair in church or mosque. Do you know why? because foreign companies already gets lots of hair from Indian people (from tirupati temple) and there is no need for white people to donate hair in church or mosque.
  4. Most of the tablets/medicines made in foreign countries were not used their own country. The tablets made in foreign countries are sent back to India. (The Indians in abroad knows this  fact — even if you have a stomach ache the hospitals in UK/US don’t give you a tablets immediately, they always go for natural cure).
  5. Lastly, the government of UK/US don’t allow private hospitals in large. They have 90% government hospitals because they have king/queen rule (the UK queen don’t allow such bad things to happen to their people), whereas in India we are democratic (without any king or queen) and that’s why we allow everything to get imported.

NOTE: Your own hair can be used for your own health issues, here is how

  1. You collect your own falling hair (keep it safe)
  2. Heat the collected hair and make it like a paste.
  3. Mix it with honey and eat.
  4. Doing above will cure your own health issues.
  5. Since you eat your own hair, it cure your disease quickly. why? because every humans body are made of different soil, so if you eat your own hair(made of same soil) it will cure your disease, but if you eat someone else hair (called “tablet or medicine”) then its not guaranteed that it will cure your health issue.


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