Flowers = Fame and money

  1. If you gift flowers to god, then god will give you “money and fame” in return.
  2. The more flowers you give, the more money you get.
  3. The flowers and oil lamps are the only 2 things that god accepts from human beings.

Please note: If you are buying flower garlands then buy 2 flower garlands and give them to god. Single garland is not recommended.

Similarly, if you are lighting lamps in a temple then light 2 lamps or 5 lamps or 7 lamps or 9 lamps. Each lamp must have oil + two wicks joined together.

The history behind flowers:

Once upon a time, there was a saint who wants to see god. So, he started doing meditation and faced many problems like ant biting, other disturbance etc but he was able to manage all his problems except his drowsiness/sleep (he was getting sleep when he was doing meditation). so, what he did is, he removed his eyelid (the upper and lower folds of skin which cover the eye blink) and thrown it away. After throwing the eye eyelid skins he didn’t get sleep because the eyes can’t blink (just as like the fish eyes). Seeing this activity, god got impressed and came to bless that sage/saint.

The point is — The eyelid skin that he thrown away is what become as a flowers. so all the flowers you see in this earth are the eyelid of the saint who removed his eyelid skin to see god.

So, the things to learn are,

  1. See how dedicated the sage was, he removed his own eyelid  to fulfill his ambition.
  2. The sage sacrificed his eyelids which we humans normally don’t do such things. But, what we can atleast do is, we can get flowers or flower garlands and present them to god. By this way god will give you more money and fame in return.
  3. So, if you want more fame and money, then gift more flowers to god.

NOTE: God doesn’t take anything from humans. He gives back everything in some forms.


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