First money to god, then spend yours

After making profit, the first thing you should do is — give the god’s share to god.

Before starting a business, you can promise god to pay 10% profit on a yearly basis. In this case, you must pay the 10% of your profit money to god by end of each year. Do not delay please. If you postpone, then you will lose all your money. REMEMBER: God is very cautious in getting his 10% profit money on time. No delay. Don’t think like you will make further more profit and give to god next year or later.

Please check this — Spend 2 days of your monthly salary for god.

Another example: If god gifts you one gold ring or gem stone ring, then you must give back the similar ring (not the same ring) to god as soon as possible. The maximum timeline is 1 year to pay your dues.

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