Family Deities (Kula Deivam kovil)

  1. The family deity (Kula deivam kovil in tamil language) is very very important.
  2. At-least once a year you must visit your family deity temple. Without family deities permission other god/goddess can not give boon.
  3. Once a year you gift a saree, flowers and break cococnt in your family deity temple.
  4. When you gift saree to your family deity/god (kuladeivam), the god gets happy. It’s like gifting saree to your own mother on festivals like deepawali. So, gift saree every year.
  5. Break coconut in your family deity (kuladeivam) and check whether the coconut had broken nicely or not. i.e) If the coconut had broken well into 2 pieces then that year will be good for you. If the coconut had broken badly (ziz zag pieces) then that will be bad for you.

Note: If you don’t know your family deity then you have to find out. The family deities (Kuladeivam) should be from your father’s relation. Ask your father, father’s brother and your grand father etc. The temples like tirupati, palani are common for all people. So, find out your family deity temple (Kula deivam) and go there first. That’s first most important thing to do in your life.

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