Evil eyes or Kan thirusti

Don’t share your good news until it happens.

Example: If you are going abroad for a new job or business then don’t share it with others until you reach that foreign country. If you share before taking up the flight then your plan may get cancelled. This is because of the human eyes. The human eye has the power to bring you down or fail. The eyes of a human beings is called evil eyes  (or kan thirusti in tamil).

Note: Whenever people come across your good news before it happens, then the 99% of time it won’t get succeed. so always share things after it done, not before completion.

The evil eye gives more pain. so always keep a low profile. No show off.

Please understand this — If you are from rich family and you going abroad for study/work then people will think “that’s okay or that’s normal” since you are already from rich background and so going abroad is not a big surprise for them. Here the evil eye won’t work as people are not surprised because of your rich background. However, if you are from poor family background and you going abroad or starting any business then people will think “how this guy is doing these things when he born from poor family“. Here the evil eye will work because people got surprised.

The point is — since most of us are not really that rich, we should not share our good news until it happens.

God’s eye:

Assume you are growing well in your life and you went to temple. When god sees you, god’s eyes itself can distract your success/progress. This is because even the god’s eye should not fall in our success. For that, what we do is we break coconut in the temple. i.e) If god’s eye fall on you (god’s kan thirusti) then it can be neutralized by breaking coconut in temple. However, if humans eye falls on you then it can’t be neutralized by any ways. You have to suffer a lot. So, be careful on this human evil eyes. Please check how the karma neutralize for more details.

The white pumpkin(poosanikai in tamil langauage) with an a evil eye picture drawn can be kept in front of your house for blocking some common human’s evil eye impacts.

white pumpkin with an a evil eye picture drawn

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