Everyone’s a traitor (துரோகி in tamil). 

All people on this earth are traitor or cheater (துரோகி in tamil).

No human will come and save you in your worst situation of your life except god. If you want 1000’s of people you can gather them in an hour, but if you feel sick then few will come to give you a pack of fruits (like apple, orange) and say take yourself well. But, god doesn’t do such things. He(god) won’t come to give you fruits and ask you to care yourself. Instead, he(god) will care you fully, stay with you and save you till the end.

Note: Gathering 1000’s of people is a very simple job, and they are all waste.

The point is very simple — have complete faith in god. You don’t need any humans at all.

You will live a happy life.

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