Elephant is the queen.

The birds don’t sit over the elephant body because the elephant has got a boon (varam in tamil language) from god to become a queen. Since the elephant is a queen, no other animals or birds touches the queen. That’s the law.

Why elephant puts sand over her body after taking bath?

Note: In case of cow or buffalo, the birds sits on top of buffalo to eat the insects that got attached to the buffalo’s body, whereas in elephant’s case no birds are allowed to sit on top of elephant to eat the insects. Because the elephant is the queen and no one should touch the queen is the nature’s law.

Back to why the elephant puts sand on her body(in wet body) after taking her bath is that — once the sand dries out, the insects that got attached with sands falls along with the sand as well. so, the elephants themself removes the insects that got attached to her body using sands.

Birds sits on buffalo

Elephant puts sand on her body

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