Education is the key to success

Its easy to say humans make mistakes, but the catch is — if you make mistake then it means you lack in education (only the uneducated person make mistakes, and those mistakes leads to sufferings or unhappiness). Please check this to know why education is important.

Some of the mistakes that we make in our daily life are given below,

  1. If you show off wealth or anything, then peoples evil eye will fall on you.
  2. If you announce anything before it happens, then it might fail.
  3. If other person get involve in your business (or) your neighbor know what you doing, then you will get problems and failures.
  4. If you don’t control your tongue, then you will eat more.
  5. If you eat more, you will sleep more.
  6. If you eat more and sleep more, then your mind will think negative sides.
  7. If you believe someone 100% (human beings), then you will get pain sooner or later.
  8. If you work for company for long time, then it means you didn’t recognized your worth.
  9. If you watch porn or have illegal affairs, then your family won’t grow.
  10. If you take more tablets/medicines, then your body will get damage.
  11. If you spend more money, then you will not become rich.
  12. If you dream big, then you will fall down.
  13. If you think poor will be poor always, then your thinking is wrong.
  14. If you talk more, then you will be killed. (example: mosquito)
  15. If you are fooled by someone, then you are not a educated person.
  16. If you share your family problems to others, then you will get more new problems.
  17. If you go to astrologer to know your future, then its your mistake.
  18. If you do a partnership business, then it will break.
  19. If you think someone else controls you, then that’s wrong. The 2 eyes, 2 inch tongue, and the 4 gram brain controls you. Nobody else controls you.
  20. If you think you don’t have talent, then you are wrong. Every human has a talent.
  21. If you don’t have ambition in life, then you are like a bicycle without brake.

Please go ahead and check this website for more mistakes that we do in our daily life. Once you get the right education then the success/happiness is yours.

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