Dwarf mango – avoid during pregnancy

What is dwarf mango trees?

  1. The mango trees which grows only 3 to 4m tall are called dwarf mango trees. The mangoes that you get from shops are all from dwarf mango trees only.
  2.  The dwarf mango are not natural mangoes. Hence, if the pregnancy women eat such dwarf mango then her kid will not grow more than 3-5 feet.
  3. You can look out for tall mango trees, and get mango from those tall tree to give your wife on her pregnancy period.
  4. Don’t buy from shops as they are all dwarf mangoes. The 90% foods from shops are genetically/chemically modified.

NOTE: The average human height will be 3 ft to 5 ft in another few years, and their average life span will be 40 years.

NOTE 2: The coconut tree’s are altered genetically to grow small so that we can get coconut easily without climbing up the tall tree, but those genetically altered coconut tree fruits will indirectly effect your health.

Mangoes from mango tree pot

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