Dream small — the big dream/ambition fails.

Example 1: How long can you see the sky lifting your head upward? Just few minutes right. Your neck starts to give a pain after few minutes lifting upwards. Similarly, if you dream big (upwards) you will get a pain.

Example 2: You see a big house on your way, your attention (mind) gets focused to that bigger house and this makes you to fall down on the ground as you might not watched the road ahead. Likewise, if you dream big you will fall down.

Example 3: The dream of a banyan tree is to grow as big as this world, but it never succeeded. Banyan tree is still trying to grow as big as this world, but sadly it didn’t achieved the dream yet. Likewise, the bigger dreams are like the banyan tree dream.

The point is — dream small and after you achieve your smaller dream, you go for another smaller dream and so on.

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