Don’t simply dream. Go for it.

Don’t simply lay in bed and dream. You have to work to make your dream come true.

Example 1: The clothes(dress) that we wear are the hard works of many different people. Say for instance, the land belongs to someone else, the cotton seeds belongs to someone else, they work together to plant the cottons. Someone else water the cotton plants, someone else does the harvest, someone else transport it to the production house for refinements. Someone else does the coloring on cotton, someone else design the clothes, someone else transport the clothes to shops, and finally we pay the price to buy the clothes.

so, you see there are many people’s hard work involved in making the final product (clothes). If any of these people just lay in bed and not worked then you will not get the clothes. So, you have to go out and work for your ambition. Don’t simply dream in bed alone. Go for it.

Example 2: Whenever you see the mirror, you don’t just see your face in the mirror. Instead, you see how the mirror is made? how the mirror reflect the face? In which material the mirror is made? Who invented mirror and what made him to invent mirror? etc.

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