Don’t go to the doctor

Example: When our car get repaired, we take it to the service center, but we won’t leave the car to stay there for even 1 day in the service center because we think what if the mechanics or the shop-owner steal some part of our car?

Similarly, our body is like a car. If our body gets some diseases or pain why do you get admitted in hospital for days?  How can you assure the doctor won’t take some part of your body?

In India, the number of doctors available are like the group of sheep. Though, the doctors can cure patients problem immediately but they don’t do that. They don’t give tablet/medicine that cures patients problem immediately because they want patients to come back again. They give some low level tablets and ask patients to come back again after 3 to 5 days. so its a 100% business place.

By the way, it’s not doctors mistake, because to get MBBS degree they paid huge amount of money, they also paid huge money for building hospitals and buying health equipment’s, they also have wife to whom they have to show they making good money, they also have in-laws to whom they have to show rich status. so its not doctors mistake. But, the business is they make money from people who visit them. Hence, stay away from doctor.

In case of accident or emergency, you can visit doctor, because doctors are equal to god.

NOTE: God has already provided all the medicines needed for humans. Its our duty to find those natural medicines and use it for health problems.

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