Don’t feed your tongue.

The tongue weights few grams and it asks for many different kinds of food to taste, but once food goes below tongue (your neck), the stomach stores all the food. This results in laziness, over weight, health issues etc. so don’t feed your tongue.

Instead of feeding your tongue, you make your brain work. You wash your brain everyday (Meaning: You read this blog everyday by spending few hours and think. Doing it everyday is called washing your brain everyday. Note: Instead of thinking what to eat everyday to fulfill your tongue’s wish, you wash your brain everyday). The head weights 4kg and it stores all the information from your childhood to death. You make use of your brain instead of feeding your tongue.

Note: When a 4kg head can store all information from your childhood to death, then think of the one who created this 4kg head. He is god. Don’t challenge god and go against his rules.


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