Don’t commit suicide

  1. God doesn’t like the human who commit suicide. You have to wait for god to call you.
  2. The Handicaps lives, blind lives, mental lives.. why can’t you?
  3. The mental(mentally disordered person) never gets accident in road. Though they are mentally ill they carefully cross/walk on the road because they want to live.
  4. All living beings like trees, birds, ants, flies, dogs etc wants to live. No one wants to die. so, we humans should not commit suicide for any reasons. If you are depressed then its because of TIME. The 108 years of humans life will be of problems…
  5. Note: When a person commits suicide, the 1,01,28,000 cells of body dies. It literally means you (your mind’s decision) killed the 1,01,28,000 cells. You know what, those 1,01,28,000 cells always wanted to live. No one wants to die.
  6. You have no rights to kill any living beings. The 1,01,28,000 cells of your body are the living beings. Why are you killing them for your own personal problems? what mistakes they (1,01,28,000 cells) did? The cells may be invisible but they too have a life, likes and dislikes. so, please don’t kill them.


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