Chikungunya secret — The satellite and rocket test

In space, there are 100’s of american satellites parked above the Indian space region and 1 satellite is parked in the american space region.

Note: Those 100’s of american satellites (parked above Indian region) are monitored by 1 satellite (parked above american region) and all the 100 satellite’s data are passed to that 1 satellite which is placed above american region.

Do you know why?

The answer: If any of the american satellites(any of 100 satellites) fails then they will fall into Indian region. When the satellite fails/falls they infect the air and water of that region(Indian region). The people in that region(Indian region) will get affected by air/water pollution, which later leads to some unknown new diseases. The government knows this and all this is done for money. Note: The people studying in space/satellite department knows this fact as well.

The point is — Americans care for their people/their society so they don’t park 100’s of their satellite in their region. But, in India we don’t care for society. Here in India, its a individual growth, not society growth. so the Indian individuals got millions of dollar for parking 100’s of american satellites in Indian region. Note: when things goes wrong (satellite fails/falls) then its indian people who will get affected by these air/water pollution.

American satellites in Indian space region

Do you know how the chikungunya fever came?

Chikungunya is the effect of rocket test done in India. The foreign country did a rocket test in India and the test got failed. This caused the air infection. The people in higher officials named this air infected as chikungunya disease.

Rocket test – failed

Do you know how the chikungunya fever got cured?

The injection used for chikungunya is the same injection that were used in cow. Imagine the weight of cow, the cow weight around 500kg and it can withstand the injection power. However, when the same injection is used for humans we might not able to withstand the power. But still that’s the only way to kill the infected cells/bacteria caused by this rocket test. so they used cow’s injection into human body to kills chikungunya infected cells. The side effect — it damages other parts of humans body like lungs, kidney etc. That’s how they cured chikungunya fever.

Injection used for cows

Note: In 2005–2006, india reported 1.39 million cases of chikungunya fever.

IMPORTANT: In India, we still doing many rocket tests of foreign countries(meaning: The foreign country pays money for testing rocket in Indian region). When such test fails you will get a new disease next time like “Tomatogunya” or you name it.

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