Brahma temple

There is no temple for lord brahma. However, there is a place where you can worship lord brahma in the form of tree is in the nainamalai varadaraja swamy temple (namakkal). You have to climb 3500 steps to reach the temple top. Note: The tree adjacent to temple(hill top) is lord brahma himself. It took me nearly 10 years to discover that the vanni tree adjacent to hill top temple is a lord brahma.

Vanni tree of lard brahma in nainamalai hill top temple

The other thing is, you can also go to a place called kodumudi, and see lord brahma in the form of vanni tree (Vanni tree, 3000 years old tree of god brahma himself). The vanni tree gives no flowers and no fruits. There is no seeds available, and the tree is not planted by any human beings. see vanni tree picture of kodumudi temple below,

Vanni tree of kodumudi temple

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