Ashtami and Navami dates– Don’t do anything NEW

Ashtami and Navami comes 2 times every month. On these dates don’t do anything new or start anything new. If you do then that thing will get failed.

Note 1: You can go temple on ashtami/navami dates, because god don’t have ashtami/navami concept. It’s only for humans.

Note 2: In total there are 4 days in a month we get the ashtami and navami dates. On those 4 days you don’t start anything NEW (like starting new business, transferring money for admission fees in joining college abroad etc). Click here for the 2018 ashtami navami dates

The other thing is — every day is a good day if you start the day by thinking god. However, the same god says don’t do anything NEW on ashtami and navami dates. so give respect to what god has said.

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