1008 births

  1. Everyone of us take 1008 births. Sometimes we born as human, sometimes animal, sometimes tree etc, so we take different forms in these 1008 births.
  2. We neither remember our previous birth nor know our next up-coming birth. Only god know everything. So, the the point is — once died then that’s final for ever.
  3. If you love someone very much and you died without marrying her/him. Then, that girl/boy will born again and you both will get married in the next birth.
  4. We came empty handed and we will leave this world empty handed. So, sins can’t be taken back. All sins must be given back through this 1008 births.
  5. Assume your births keeps on going due to sins and you completed 1007 births, then god will make you to born as 3rd gender people (neither man nor woman). The last 1008th birth is 3rd gender people (neither man nor woman). The sins will get removed when people abuse the 3rd gender people or talk bad about them. The point is — The other people’s abuse removes their sins.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: If you do good things in this birth (like plant trees, feed animals, helpe society etc), then in your next birth you will have a good life. Example: In next birth, you may born as a flower and could reach temple if you had done good things, otherwise you might born as some flower on which a dog might piss over.

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