Head/Brain injury – Coma Stage medicine

Basically, doctor should not do a surgery on head (or) open the skull for any injury. However, if the bleeding happen inside the skull then the doctor can do a surgery for ONE TIME only. Note: If the doctor do not do the surgery, then the patient will die. so, the doctor can do the surgery on head for only ONE TIME. After this surgery, the patient may go into coma stage and the recovery time is not guaranteed.

What is most important is — Doctor should not do the SECOND surgery on head. The hospital where FIRST surgery on head was done should handle the case and they should not allow the patient to go another hospital.

However, If you take the patient to another hospital, then the 2nd hospital will blame the previous surgery (FIRST SURGERY) and they will do another surgery (SECOND SURGERY) on top of that. While doing so it becomes very difficult for patient to live long and the coma stage becomes too high. The 2nd hospital may keep the patient for 40 days in unconscious state and charge around 20 lakhs INR and then they will say like this — the medicines are not working for patient, hence take the patient to home and rest in god’s hand.

The solution — Going to astrologer won’t solve the problem. Since everything is in god’s hand, you have to go and see the god to solve this problem. But, seeing god is not as easy as you think. Many rich people go to god only at the final stage of life and do you think god will come and help them? The answer is NO. For more on god read this blog fully.

Anyway, what you can do now is — go to any aravani people (3rd gender people) and get their blessings first. After that, go for Ayurvedic treatment. Many of the ayurvedic medicines are given in this website, but for head/brain injury I have not published any. so, you go to god and get the ayurvedic medicine directly from god.

Other points to save dying patient are given below,

1. Act like a beggar to save loved ones.

2. The weakness of yema.

3. Name change.

For more, please read this blog fully and apply in life.

Head injury

Head injury

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