Control your 50 gram tongue FIRST (eat less)

Scenario 1: Your mind may decide to eat less at lunch, but when the lunch time arrives your 50 gram tongue will not obey mind’s order (your tongue likes to eat more).

Scenario 2: Your mind may decide to go for early morning exercise, but when the morning arrives your 50 kg body will not obey mind’s order (body wants to take rest or sleep more).

The point is — when you can’t control 50 gram, how can you control 50 kg? In other words, when you can’t control your 50 gram tongue, how can you control your 50 kg body?

So, the first step is, control your tongue by eating less. After that, you do the rest of the things like morning exercise (jogging or cycling) etc.

The catch is — the 50 gram tongue controls your 50 kg body.

As said above, first try to control your 50 gram tongue(eat less), and then slowly your 50 kg body will start to obey mind’s order.

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