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Cost of learning stock market — day trading

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

How much is the price/cost for learning “financial stock market trading”?

The minimum price is £300,000+.

Example: To learn a simple thing you have to pay £100 to £1000 (It means you might lose £100 to £1000 in a single trade). Likewise, if you add-up all the losses/lessons for next 2 to 5+ years, then it would cost around £300,000+ (roughly 3 crores Indian rupees).

Note: I never came across any profession that charge this kind of tuition fee. However, its worth for the fee, because you get back much more after learning.

Day trading stock market

Horizontal or vertical learning?

Sunday, November 25th, 2018

Horizontal learning means — Learning almost everything. Say for example, you learn about health, business, psychology, science, religion, finance, computer and many more areas. You keep learning and know about everything as much as possible.

Vertical learning means — You study specific subject in deep for ages. Example: You learn computer, and learn more on the same in deep.

Which is better? Horizontal or vertical learning?

Horizontal is better. You should know about everything.

Note: Vertical learning helps you to get professional job or become master at specific area, and that’s absolutely fine, but you should also focus on horizontal areas.

TV is for elder people

Saturday, November 24th, 2018

The elders can watch television(tv) for diverting their thoughts like depression or dull life. However, younger should not waste time in watching TV.

Please check this as well — The negative impacts of TV and phone

Thanks to my friend selvakanmani for sharing this video, worth watching it.

Extraction from video:

Daa daraa ra raaa… (Doordarshan channel music from 70’s)

Yes, Shit is happening all over the world. But that is okay. You relax.

Daa daraa ra raaa…

Remember, Life is a circle. What is up will be down and what is down will be up. You relax.

Daa daraa ra raaa…

You do your job. Be good. Do good. Everything else will fall in place. Relax.

Da Ra Raa Ra Raa. dun dun dun doo…

That’s how life should be.

Eat well and go temple

Saturday, November 10th, 2018

There is no need for anyone to go temple empty stomach.

Note: If you are in a planned fasting, you can be in empty stomach, but others can eat well and go temple. This is because god never asked anyone to come temple empty stomach.

This is my learning

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Last year(2017) on this same day (amavasai day, the day after deepavali festival) I went to temple and said god that I made more than £142,000+ pounds today. However, I am not really happy in having this big money. I am happy seeing you alone.

This year(2018) on this same day (amavasai day, the day after deepavali festival) I went to temple and kept my mouth shut, kept my mind off, closed my eyes so that my brain don’t say anything seeing god. I was simply inside the temple for 45 minutes and came back home.

Why this year so different?

Last year I said I am happy in seeing god alone right?. so, god took all my money in the last one year and made me to come temple broke. I went in and he checked whether I am really happy seeing god alone (without any money)?

The answer is: No… No money, no smile 🙁

My learning — Never open your mouth to say anything infront of god. Keep everything shut (especially mind). Don’t ask anything, Don’t say anything. Just see him and come back. That’s the best thing anyone can learn.

Rain and kodimaram relationship

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Example: Sometime we don’t get enough rain and we pray god for rain. The god gives first rain to the place where there is kodimaram(flagstaff), and later the other areas gets the rain slowly.

This is a photograph from Kamakshi Amman temple showing, what Kodimaram means, here it is gold plated.

kodimaram — Kamakshi Amman temple


Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Meena is the name given to our parrot.

Note: The emerald stone ring that I wear was choose by meena. I gave two emerald stone ring to meena to choose one for me and one for god. She picked one and that’s what I am wearing.

Wear washed clothes everyday.

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Sometime we guys wear the same pant/trouser that’s been used previous day without wash. This is common for bachelor people and sometime for family men as well (they complain on washing machine etc).

The solution is — Its better you wash your own clothes after bathe everyday.

The whole point is — wear washed clothes everyday.